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Deep Tissue Massage, Chronic Pain Management
Professionally Certified in Pregnancy Massage, Post-Partum and Labor Massage

New Location effective October 1, 2020

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Thank you for visiting the Middletown Massage Therapy Associates website!  I hope you will find
this site informative and helpful as you explore the tremendous benefits available to you through
therapeutic massage and bodywork.

  • Middletown Massage Therapy is a private therapeutic practice, sole practitioner owned
    and operated.
  • Beautiful office located on the second floor (stair access only) at 834 Newfield St. (Route 3)
    in Middletown, easily accessible from Interstate 91 or Route 9.

While overall stress reduction and general relaxation are found through the administration of
massage therapy, there are two main focuses of my practice:

  • The first is in helping clients achieve relief from pain and stress as a result of trauma,
    postural misalignment, illness, or injury.  This requires specialized techniques with specific
    focus on problem areas.  
  • The second focus is in helping the expectant mother and new mom to achieve relief from
    physical and physiological conditions as a result of pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum

Check out the other pages of my website for specific information regarding services offered and
how Middletown Massage Therapy Associates came to be.
Last Updated:
October 2020
Now Accepting:
Heidi Bica,
Licensed Massage Therapist
CT License #003791
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