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My Story
Starting my journey as a massage therapist was a blessing in disguise.  I spent 17 years working in the corporate world of
contemplate what might be a good career change for me, I began seeing a chiropractor for stiffness I was having in my neck.  
She suggested I use massage therapy in conjunction with my treatments.  I had my first massage and I was hooked!  I could not
believe how good I felt, nor could I believe how aware I was of my body; physically and mentally.  I saw myself making changes in
my lifestyle habits without realizing it.  Then I began to see through others with chronic pain how massage helped them to live
more of life each day with less pain and with a sense of hope.  It was then that I started to contemplate if massage therapy would
be my next career.

In August 2002, the company I worked for announced its bankruptcy.  Sixty days from that announcement my job would be over.  
I was faced with some very important decisions.  And it was then, through the encouragement of a few very dear friends and my
family that I decided to go back to school to become a massage therapist.  It was not easy, stepping out of my comfort zone and
into an unknown field, but it was not completely unknown as I had been receiving massage for myself.  I took comfort that I had
the caring and the passion inside me for this work.  School was challenging, but worth every second.  I found I had so many life
experiences that guided me through the work, and I was praised by my teachers for the passion and the intuition I hold for
massage.  I graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT - Newington Campus)) in April, 2004 at which
time I had already decided I wanted to open my own practice.  I took my board exam over that summer obtaining my National
Certification, received my Connecticut State license and currently I am a Professional Member with the AMTA.  My practice was
opened on September 1, 2004 and has been building ever since.

In the beginning I had always thought that my journey to becoming a massage therapist was going to be merely a career change
for me, but I was wrong.  It is more than a career change; it is a life change, one that I embrace every day.  This path I am
following has taken me to many different places and I have met some extraordinary people.  Each experience and each person
changes my life and helps shape it into something better.  And the smiles and gratitude I receive when a client feels the benefits
of the work I do is priceless.  A new part of my journey began upon obtaining my professional certification in Prenatal and Post-
partum Massage.  This new part of my path, working with women during pregnancy, and expanding to include massage during
labor, is very fulfilling and it is such an honor to be witness to these beautiful women during their pregnancies and beyond.

I have also participated at several events in educating the public about the benefits of massage therapy and in giving chair
massages.  Some of the places and events I have attended include:
  • Mary Wade House (New Haven)
  • Backus Hospital (Norwich)
  • Rushford Center’s ‘Kickin’ it on The Green’, Nurturing Program, ‘Girls Night Out’ (Middletown) and their Mothers &
    Daughters Night (Glastonbury)
  • Retreat for the CT Coalition to End Homelessness (Middletown)
  • Retreat for CT HIV Community Planning Group (Middletown)
  • Woodrow Wilson Middle School Mother/Daughter Night (Middletown) - 2006 - 2013
  • Early Detection Program, Community Health Center, ‘In Living Pink 2006’ (Middletown)
  • Glastonbury High School "Project Graduation" 2008 - Chair Massage

I have also stayed very involved in the CCMT community in the following capacities,
  • Student Mentor
  • Approved Student Tutor in the sciences and hands-on curriculum
  • Study Skills tutor
  • PLUS Study tutor for specific science courses
  • Career Foundations Instructor (2007-present)
  • Recipient of CCMT's 2005 Community Service Award - Newington Campus

I participate in continuing education workshops throughout the year and look forward to providing my clients with the skills and
benefits these workshops provide.  It is my clients that make this work worthwhile, placing their trust and confidence in me to
care for them and to help facilitate their healing process.  They are blessings I am truly grateful for!

                                                                                      Best Regards,
                                                                                      Heidi Bica, LMT
834 Newfield Street
Middletown, CT 06457
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